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Kauai Region Living Strategic Plan

In winter 2013, faced with daunting economic and healthcare reform challenges, the Kauai Region of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC), regrouped under a new Interim CEO (Scott E. McFarland) and COO (Freddie Woodard, Jr.) to pioneer a path to sustainability for the Kauai Region facilities, services, providers and staff.

Community leaders, Board members, senior leaders, managers, providers, staff, and other stakeholders came together to address the challenges. From this collaborative venture, a Living Strategic Plan emerged to guide us through the fast paced change we must navigate in the upcoming years. The strategy is titled as 'Living' because we expect it will change and grow with us as we move forward..

Here, we share with you the latest summary along with the current Board status report. Most recently the planning team expanded to include more individuals. We meet weekly and report progress and changes to our regional board under the leadership of Scott and Freddie.

 Living Strategic Plan

 March 2015 Board Report

For questions and more information, contact:

Scott E. McFarland, Kauai Region Interim CEO    smcfarland@hhsc.org

Freddie Woodard, Jr., Kauai Region COO    fwoodard@hhsc.org

Or Call (808) 338-9422

We welcome and value your input! Please send your suggestions to:


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