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West Kauai Clinic - Waimea
West Kauai Clinic - Port Allen

Outpatient Departments of
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital


Like hospitals across the country,
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital is
converting two of its physician practice
locations (Waimea and Port Allen) to
“Hospital Outpatient” clinics effective
July 1, 2011.
Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to this transition.

Q: What does “Hospital Outpatient” mean?
A: “Hospital Outpatient” refers to the Medicare billing process and requirements for services provided in a hospital outpatient clinics and locations.

Q: How does this affect patients?
A: Instead of a single combined charge, under this model, patients may potentially receive two (2) charges on their combined bill for services provided within the “Hospital Outpatient” clinic. One charge represents the facility or hospital charge and one charge represents the professional or physician fee.

Q: Why did Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital decide to convert two of its physician practice locations to “Hospital Outpatient” clinics?
A: Since Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital has been designated by the Federal Government as a Critical Access Hospital and employs most of its physicians, following this same type of billing process for outpatient care rendered at our hospital ensures more appropriate payment for services provided by hospital staff and physicians and distinguishes facilities that function as departments of hospitals from those which are freestanding.

Q: What are Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital’s “Hospital Outpatient” locations?
      West Kauai Clinic - Waimea
      4643 B Waimea Canyon Drive
      Waimea, HI 96796

      West Kauai Clinic - Port Allen
      4353 Waialo Road
      Eleele, HI 96705
Q: Does this mean patients will pay more for services?
A: Depending on their particular insurance coverage, it’s possible patients may pay more for certain outpatient services and procedures at our “Hospital Outpatient” clinics than our freestanding Kalaheo clinic. We recommend patients review their insurance benefits or contact their insurance provider to determine what their policy will pay and what out-ofpocket expenses may be incurred. Patients may also contact our Clinic Business Office Manager for answers to their specific questions.

Q: Does this affect patient co-pays or deductibles?
A: Depending on each patient’s specific insurance benefits, additional patient out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred for services provided at “Hospital Based Outpatient” clinics.

Q: Where can patients call with their questions or concerns?
A: Please call our
    Clinic Business Office Manager at
    (808) 240-2746

Download A Brochure
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(PDF 108k)

Download Hospital Outpatient Clinic Billing Brochure (PDF 44k)

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