Managing Contractor
Avalon Health Care Hawaii
Yukio Okutsu
State Veterans Home - Hilo

Member of...
1180 Waianuenue Ave
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-1500

Resident/Sponsor Responsibilities

The below listed items are examples of non-covered charges and are the responsibility of the Resident/Sponsor. These items are not all inclusive:

  • All prescribed pharmaceuticals which are not provided by federal VA pharmacy.
  • Co-pays for pharmaceuticals provided by VA Pharmacy.
  • Barber/Beauty Shop
  • Private telephone installation and services
  • Long distance telephone and Internet access charges made on facility telephones
  • Physician specialist consultation fees
  • Durable Medical Equipment (including oxygen), not furnished by the Veterans Administration
  • Private duty nurses and sitters
  • Definitive dental treatment and repairs
  • Maintenance and repair of personal property including television sets
  • Non covered transportation charges
  • Bed Hold charges
  • Co-insurance amounts for Part B services when not covered under private insurance.

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